Formula One Politics

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Formula One Politics

Post by Will on Thu Sep 16, 2010 8:20 pm

Personally I find F1 to be very political nature...

95% Politics
5% racing

And that can be further divided:
95% politics
2% Technology
2.8% Tactics
.2% Race

Very little of it is actually racing in my opinion, for instance, Nick Heidfeld? He ended up a test driver up until yesterday and with his skill and the 4 new teams coming in, he should have had a ride well before Baharain as a RACE Driver. For instance, on the tactics, i'm sure Alonso never would've won Singapore 08' without

2 Very political scandals come to my mind when I see F1, first is the Stepneygate scandal in 2007, second, it almost can't be politics without a sex scandal (Max Mosley), and the corruption between Mosley and Bernie, 100 year contract to a man who was alive with the dinosaurs? There was a third but I forgot it.

Anyone care to disagree?


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